The Tsunami Travel Times (TTT) CD-ROM

The Tsunami Travel Times (TTT) CD-ROM

Version 3.2.1 - December 2011

Paul Wessel, Geoware

The TTT (Tsunami Travel Times) programs calculates first-arrival travel times on a global grid for a tsunami generated at a given epicenter. TTT comes with preprocessed global bathymetry grids at a variety of grid resolutions (30 arc seconds and 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 60 arc minutes). The calculations are based on Huygens' method. The package contains two programs (ttt and ttt_pick) which calculates travel times and samples the grid at given locations, respectively. Several scripts (Bourne shell and DOS batch jobs) illustrate how to make illustrations such as color images and contour maps from the travel times by using the free Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) software (a separate install). The grid files produces by TTT are compatible with GMT but can also be used with most GIS programs.
  1. TTT CD-ROM Installation WINDOWS
  2. TTT CD-ROM Installation UNIX

Windows Installation:

Insert the TTT CD-ROM into your CD drive. If the installation does not start up automatically, run the SETUP.EXE application on the CD. The TTT installer will take you through the installation.

Unix/Linux Installation:

The TTT CD-ROM installation has been tested successfully under Solaris, Linux, Mac OSX, Cygwin, and Interix. It only requires a Bourne-compatible shell. To install data and programs from the TTT CD-ROM, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Mount the cdrom device if your OS does not do so automatically. See your system's technical documentation on how to do this step (e.g., man mount)
  2. Change directory to the top directory on the CD. If you type ls you should see a few files, including
  3. Type sh (on some systems you may have to say sh INSTALL.SH).
Once running, you will be faced with several questions that should be self-explanatory. First, a main Geoware directory must be chosen. The default is geoware in your home directory - you can override this choice if necessary. The installer will help install TTT. Once you have finished you may remove the CD-ROM; it is not used once installation is complete. Thus note: You cannot use the programs on the CD-ROM directly; you must extract them onto your hard disk first and then compile and install them.


Software packages:

The CD-ROM contains these program packages (links refer to original source web sites):
  1. TTT: The TTT Tsunami Travel Time 3.2.1 source code [Geoware]
  2. bzip2: The bzip2 compressor/deflator source code [GNU]
The CD-ROM install script can install all these for you (bzip2 libraries and include file is needed to install the Geoware Data Extractor).


Should you have questions regarding this CD-ROM or the TTT package distributed with it, contact Geoware.