The Geoware GMT Data Companion DVD-R

The Geoware GMT Data Companion DVD-R

Version 2.4 - Apr 2012

Paul Wessel, Geoware

More than 38 Gigabytes of information packed onto a single 4.3 Gb DVD-R!

New in this version: Updated CMT and EPIC databases, altimetry-derived gravity, curvature, and predicted topography, crustal ages (v3.0), SRTM+ (30 arc sec global relief blend), and GSHHS 2.2.0 binary files and shapefiles.

  1. GMT Companion DVD-R Installation WINDOWS
  2. GMT Companion DVD-R Installation UNIX
  3. GMT Companion DVD-R Data Descriptions
  4. GMT Companion DVD-R Data usage procedures

Windows Installation:

Insert the DVD into your DVD-R drive. If the installation does not start up automatically, run the SETUP.EXE application on the DVD-R. The installer will take you through the installation. Note that because this DVD-R contains over 33 Gb of highly compressed data the data extraction stage is done by a separate installer application at the end of the GMT installation.



The GMT Companion DVD-R installation has been tested successfully under Solaris, Linux, Cygwin, Interix, and Mac OS X. The basic requirements are: To install data from Geoware GMT Companion DVD-Rs, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Mount the DVD-rom device if your OS does not do so automatically. See your system's technical documentation on how to do this step (e.g., man mount)
  2. Change directory to the top directory on the DVD. If you type ls you should see a few files, including
  3. Type sh (on some systems you may have to say sh INSTALL.SH).
Once running, you will be faced with several questions that should be self-explanatory. First, a main Geoware directory must be chosen. The default is /geoware in your home directory - you can override this choice if necessary. The installer will allow you to install any of the data on the DVD as well as the required Companion utilities. Once you have finished you may remove the DVD-R; it is not used once installation is complete. Thus note: You cannot use the data on the DVD-R directly; you must extract them onto your hard disk first.



The Geoware GMT Ultimate Companion contains numerous programs and data sets, including everything contained on the DVD-R Complete Companion. Fully inflated and unpacked, the data sets will take up over 33 Gb of disk space. Here is a very short description of each data to help you make decisions about what data to install.


Accessing and plotting data:

Most of the datasets supplied with the Geoware GMT Companions can be used "as is". In particular, Under Unix, many of the data sets are also easily manipulated from within iGMT (in fact, many of the smaller datasets originated with the iGMT distribution). Note: Depending on your choice of Companion, some of the above descriptions may not apply to you.


For details on file names and sizes in both compressed and natural form, see the file gmtcomp.dat on the Geoware GMT Companion DVD-R.
Should you have questions regarding this DVD-R or the data distributed with it, contact Geoware. For questions regarding any of the program packages, see the contact person(s) for each package.

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